Monster List Poems

This week, Bluebirds have been reading a variety of different types of list poems. They have been identifying how poets use different features in these poems to entertain the reader. The children noticed they do not always rhyme but usually the list includes unexpected or unusual items that can be exaggerated for effect. Bluebirds are currently reading a story called Krindlekrax. There is a creature living in the drain underneath Lizard Street but no one has seen it… yet!

Everyone made a plan of what the monster could look like, sound like, feel like, smell like and considered its behaviour and diet! Imaginations ran wild with lots of funny ideas! We thought about all the famous monsters we know from books and films. One boy suggested Mum’s are sometimes like monsters first thing in a morning when they are roaring at children to get ready if they are late! A very amusing line to end the poem and hopefully entertain our readers! Other pupils tweaked this idea and changed it to the teacher!

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