Attempting to break a World Record!

Yesterday, Amaya and Paige enjoyed a socially distanced walk and took part in an online art class which was biggest art class ever! This was in a bid to beat the Guinness World record and at least 10,000 people had to take part all at once. The girls are hopeful and think this was probably achieved as 47,000 people around the world were all drawing cartoon whales together!!

Here is the link for the art class in case anyone else wants to learn how to draw a whale.

I am impressed you both kept the 2 metre distance when you must have been bursting to have a hug! This links very nicely with a story I have posted earlier on the blog called “While We Can’t Hug.” Have a look!

(TIP for Bluebirds: Can you remember my metre ruler and counting stick that is balanced on the radiator, under my board? The distance you need to keep apart is TWO of those put together! I just thought this might help you to picture how far this is! – Mrs P 😊).

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