Anti-Bullying Week

On Friday, the year 3 Bluebirds made anti-bullying badges ready for Anti-Bullying Week, we will be wearing our badges all week!

Today, we are showing our support by joining in with odd socks day and our morning activity was to define what bullying meant.

During our check in we shared what we thought bullying was.

Liam – when people are very mean to others over and over.
Krista – bullying can be physical, like pushing someone else.
Maarya – bullying is being mean to others and not showing tolerance to people that are different to yourself.
William – when someone else is mean to you more than once.
Daisy B – bullying is when someone doesn’t respect you.
Imogen – bullying is when someone hurts your feelings over and over again.
Zi yan – when someone hurts you several times on purpose, like tripping you up or calling you names.
George – bulling is saying nasty things about you and not including you.
Max – bullying is someone forcing you to do something you don’t want to do.

We discussed where bullying could happen, for example, in school, on the playground, at the shops, at someone’s house, on your phone, computer, or tablet.

We discussed who to tell if we felt we were being bullied, for example, an adult at home, an adult at school, a family member or a trusted adult.

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