Not being a bystander

We have continued to contribute towards Anti-Bullying Week.

This morning in check-in, Bluebirds in year 3 shared their ideas about what is wrong with being a bystander.

Daisy W – you are just as bad as the bully
Sammy – you might lose friends
Eason – you are not helping the person being bullied
Imogen – someone could get hurt
Maya – someone’s feelings could get hurt
Daisy G – it start happening to you
Amelie – if you don’t help, it could carry on
Andrew – I would give the bully the chance to stop
Dora – I would help the person being bullied be strong
Liam – you should always help your friends
Krista – stick up for your friend and tell a teacher
Maarya – don’t let bullying happen
William – you must support your friends
Zi yan – if you are a bystander, you are just as bad as the bully

We discussed how we could help stop any bullying we see, we could tell a trusted adult to get involved and help us. In the Bluebirds class, we are one big team and we are united against bullying!

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