Bluebirds Are Live!

This morning the Bluebirds at home and in school had their first live lessons on Teams with Mrs. Moore! It was great to see everyone and say hello.

This morning, our live lesson was PSHE. We were talking about our New Year’s resolutions, things we’d like to do, things we’d like to achieve, or something we were looking forward to.

Helen said her goal this year was to get more gold cards.

Millie wants to have more parties – in school and at home!

Daisy B’s best day of the school year so far, was our Christmas party day.

Daisy G would like to go to church again.

Amelie wants to spend more time with family and her Dad.

Krista can’t wait to see all of her friends at school again.

Rawan would like to be able to visit her friends again.

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