Roald Dahl Day

Today we learnt all about Roald Dahl as he is one of our authors in Bluebirds. Today would have been his 102nd Birthday. We tried to list all the books we knew he had written before learning all about him as a person.

Dylan – He was an RAF pilot in World War and was in a crash.
Jessica– He invented a medical valve to help his son
Lexi – He was married twice
Ava – He had to test chocolate bars at school which inspired Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tanatswa – He was 74 when he died

He is buried in Great Missenden which is in Buckinghamshire.

Gifted and Talented

Today, Bluebirds learnt that everyone has at least one gift or talent they are particularly good at. All the children shared together what their gift or talent was. Mrs Parry showed the children some novelty birthday cakes she had decorated!

Here are some of the gifts and talents in our class:

Afterwards, the children played a quick game matching animals to their talents and how they used it to help them.

Finding clues within text

Bluebirds have been using pictures to find clues about their English text. From the title page they predicted what they thought the story might be about and considered:

► Can you think of words to describe him?
► Who is this? What do you think you know about them?
► What do they look like?
► How do they feel? Why do you think this?
► Where do they live? What has happened? Where is he? Who is he? What might happen next?

Stone Age Timeline

Bluebirds found out how long ago the Stone Age was today (well done Dylan!). They talked about the length of time this covered and learnt what A.D. and B.C. stood for. Initially Bluebirds thought they’d been alive for a long time… or eight years. Afterwards, some children realised that in fact, in relation to the Stone Age, they had lived for only a very short amount of time! Next lesson, we are going to make a proportional timeline to see and understand this further!

We talked about chronological order and the class worked together to put some dates into the correct order. Lots of concentration was needed too!

Understanding presents are about giving as well as receiving

Bluebirds have been talking about their favourite presents ever!

Mrs Parry asked the class if they liked giving presents. The children agreed it gave them a nice feeling inside to make someone else happy and see them smile. Jacinta had picked some daisies for Mrs Parry at lunchtime! The children came up with a fantastic list of gifts they could give someone which do not cost anything. We made a group list of ideas and then drew an example in our books.

In school, we decided to give someone else over the year a free gift such as respect, listening when someone is talking, cheering up someone up who is down, forgiving someone who has upset you, or a smile.

Creating a theme park

Bluebirds have spent this morning designing their own theme parks. After creating their own persuasive leaflet to advertise their park, everyone took turns to present their sales pitch to the rest of the class. It was like a TV episode of Dragon’s Den!

Jani – I have a ride called Doom Changer
Esmay – My park has an Emoji Fun Van
Kai – My lark has a unique jet ride and glow in the dark Ferris wheel
Taya – Mine has a flower garden for old people and a balloon shop
Harley – My park has animal hybrids and an aquarium

Afterwards, all the class had the opportunity to move around each table to see the quality of the leaflets and decide which one was attractive and effective for its purpose. This was a really difficult decision as there were so many original thoughts and ideas! The children each voted for their favourite three in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. They had to choose three separate ones and were not able to pick their own leaflet.

Congratulations to Nyeema, Ke Xin and Nashe.

How many behaviours for learning did we use?