News Reports

When Bluebirds arrived in class today, rather than reading their books, Mrs Parry had left a variety of real news reports to read. In English, the children discovered this was their new genre of text. They were eager to read a report Mrs Parry gave them about a dangerous dragon on the rampage in a local school; which turned out to be at Bells Farm!

The children found lots of features of news reports including that the reports are written in columns of paragraphs, include catchy headlines, photos with captions, quotes, are written in third person, include fact and fiction, mostly being written in past tense.

The children then talked about possible reports they could write imagining if the school was closed today. Reasons included weather damage (heavy snow or a storm leading to flooding, or lightning striking a tree and causing it to crash on to the school roof! Alternatively, a break in with either damage and graffiti or all the computers being stolen by robbers!

Mrs Parry is looking forward to reading these imaginative reports!

Red Nose Day 2019

Today, Bluebirds have supported Comic Relief by wearing red and donating £1 to the charity. The class was very bright and cheerful and included beetle boppers and plenty of red noses! Giving money to charity is a way of being caring which is our value word for March.

We also said our goodbyes to Miss Timerick, who has been working with Bluebirds since Christmas, successfully completing her final teaching placement. We wish her well for the future. Good Luck!

Egyptian Gods

Bluebirds used the iPads to research information on the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. In pairs they created ‘top trump’ cards where they filled out boxes such as:

► God / Goddess of
► Appearance
► Other interesting facts
► Power/skill/weapon/importance rating out of 10
► Then finally they drew a photo of the God/Goddess

We love books!

Bluebirds have really enjoyed dressing up as a book character for World Book Day. Today, they shared a favourite story with their classmate and wrote a book review about their favourite book. They gave the book a star rating and explained the plot, characters and gave their opinion, explaining why they would recommend the story

Making Burglar Alarms!

Bluebirds, had a special visitor in Science today, who explained how the fire and burglar alarms work in school. We talked about circuits and linked our previous learning of electricity Mr Evans made a circuit for us and talked about conductors and insulators. We predicted whether items such as a paper clip, peg, staples, magnet, scissors, ruler and a paintbrush would act as a conductor and create a circuit, thus setting the buzzer alarm off. We recorded our results.

Video: Three Little Birds

This afternoon, Bluebirds listened and appraised a piece of reggae music by Bob Marley.

The children listened to how reggae is off the beat and tried to detect which instruments were used.
After, they copied rhythms and clapped beats, learning how to move to the pulse. Finally, the children started to learn the chorus of the song. Lots of children found the tune quite “catchy” and couldn’t resist rocking to the beat!

Mason – I can hear drums.
Taya – I think I can hear a guitar.
Amelia – I think there was a cymbal.
Zaynab – My Mum loves this song. she obsessed with it.
Kai – I know this is reggae. I’ve heard it at my Nan and Grandad’s house.