Home Learning 22/6/2020

Dear Bluebirds,

I hope you have had a nice weekend? Here is this week’s work. Please try and make sure you do your school work every day to keep up with your English and Maths skills. It is really important to keep up regular practise so you don’t forget what to do! I have divided your English and Maths home learning into parts for each day. If you would still like to complete more learning activities, please remember to have a look on these websites too.

The Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize

This week’s home learning documents to download
Download this week’s home learning – click here
Lesson 1 – Right angles in shapes
Lesson 1 Answers – Right angles in shapes
Lesson 2 – Compare angles
Lesson 2 Answers – Compare angles
Lesson 3 – Horizontal and vertical
Lesson 3 Answers – Horizontal and vertical
Lesson 4 – Parallel and perpendicular
Lesson 4 Answers – Parallel and perpendicular

From Mrs Parry

Video: Amaya’s First Aid

Amaya has made an informative First Aid video from last week’s PSHE lesson. She speaks very clearly and explains how to look after someone (her dad in this example!) should they be heavily bleeding from an accident! Well done Dr Amaya!

The diagram of the body is labelled where first aid has been administered to her patient!

Spelling Practise

Paige has written a story which includes all this week’s spelling words – good job Paige!

Why not try this idea as an alternative to writing sentences using each word – it makes a nice change!

Here’s Lexi’s wonderful writing below.

Hi, my name is Lidia and I’m here with my best friend Ashley. This story started on our birthday. Were best friends from school. Our birthdays are on the same days so we decide to spend them together. This birthday, in particular, was going to be the BEST!!!!!!! I thought of how much fun we could have together. The day came by and I anxiously waited by the doorbell to hear the ring. When she got here, she was acting really strange like laughing at the silliest things and kept on asking questions. Midnight fell upon us and we were wide awake. Ashley had the greatest idea. We decided to sneak out quietly. I felt nervous. Ashley led the way to go. We walked down a black alley and across a shivering river. We bumped into two strange paths. This is were we split up. I picked right and she picked left. I felt butterflies in my stomach. She said a strange sentence I didn’t understand when she left. We used walkie talkies to communicate. After walking straight for what felt like hours, I found a big box with a paper tied to it. It said “Enjoy Lidia”. I immediately lost connection with Ashley. I tried to pick it up. You needed a lot of strength. I tried to go back. As soon as I turned around, my mom was there. Although it was very heavy, we all had a lot of strength so we managed to take it home. It was morning when we got home and I was tearing the box into bitS. Just before seeing it, my memory came back. 3 years ago I lost my puppy. I ripped the rest into pieces. I cried when it was open. It was my lost puppy Lola. I realised she had mumbled “ enjoy the puppy”. I played with the puppy the rest of the day.


By Lexi