Drawing the internet!

It’s Safer Internet Week!

Bluebirds had a tricky challenge from Miss Timerick. To begin with, they had 30 seconds to draw an apple and then a further 30 seconds to draw a dog. Afterwards, the children were asked to draw THE INTERNET!

The children looked at all their groups of pictures and discussed their similarities and differences. They realised that it was much trickier to draw the internet as it is not a physical object. Children shared definitions of the internet and decided we don’t really know what the internet looks like! We also made links to our current Science lessons. It’s like electricity! We use it and know it’s there but we can’t actually see it!

The internet is all about connections and other things you can’t always see, but if we remember that it’s all about connecting with people and sharing information then this can help us make the most positive and respectful choices online.

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